Adventure in Spearfish

by Kyler Flock | February 16, 2022

Spearfish, SD is as iconic as it gets, from the wonderful hiking and trials systems to the exceptional eateries and the arts this community really has it all. This a few of many reasons why you should put Spearfish on your traveling bucket list! Let Visit Spearfish help you out by spotting those perfect destinations for a day in Spearfish. 

1. Hiking

Scenic Spearfish, SD

Spearfish is most known for being minutes away from the famous Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway which is 19 miles long of lush beauty that is home to dozens of the most outstanding hikes in all of South Dakota. Each trail varies in difficulty so there is literally a hike for anyone at any skill level. Whether you are destined to nature watch, maybe see a waterfall, or simply get lost, the hiking in Spearfish is some of the best in the country. Check this Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway page out for further info.

2. Choose Your Brew

Blackbird Espresso. Spearfish, SD

Whether you want coffee or a craft beer, Spearfish is the ultimate ‘choose your brew” town. The quality of brew in Spearfish has elevated itself to one of the staples of this community with 3 different craft beer breweries and 11 different shops to grab your favorite coffee, you really cannot go wrong on a single spot. For the full rundown on choosing your brew, click here.

3. Food

Spearfish, SD restaurants

If you consider yourself a “foodie”, then prepare yourself for some of the most exotic eating and dining in the state. Many of the restaurants in Spearfish are locally owned which has gained national attention due to the care in their craft and fresh ingredients being used. Many of these hidden gems include Leones Creamery where you can get a craft beer flavored cup of ice cream, Basecamp Kitchen where you might find an authentic Himalayan experience, or maybe even a brick oven-cooked pizza from Dough Traders. With over 60 restaurants in the area, Spearfish has something for everyone. For the complete list of restaurants in Spearfish, click here.

4. Arts

Termesphere Gallery in Spearfish, SD

The arts are alive in Spearfish as one of its fastest-growing industries in the community. Art enthusiasts will find three different galleries throughout the town, the Termes Gallery, The Matthews Opera House gallery, and the Nest. Each gallery captures its own unique perspectives on visual art and does a tremendous job at representing various artists that are all based within the Black Hills. At the Termes Gallery, you can find world-famous artist Dick Termes and his acclaimed Termesphere- a large spherical canvas that revolves using geometric patterns and shapes to create optical wonder. Within the Matthews Opera House Gallery, you can find an ever-changing gallery that utilizes the community’s more well-known artists during the summer hours and incorporates the University Art Department and traveling shows in the winter. And finally, the Nest, a gallery founded and run by three local artists who allow yet another space to promote the many artists of the Black Hills. For the full list of Arts and History in the area, click here.

5. Spearfish Rec Path

Spearfish Rec Path

The Spearfish rec path is about as iconic as it gets when comes to recreation and fun in town. Throughout the City of Spearfish runs a 7.5-mile recreation path, enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. At any given time, you're sure to find cyclists, joggers, dog-walkers, and even long-boarders traversing this scenic path. While most of the path follows alongside Spearfish Creek, the path also connects to many sites throughout the community including several parks, Black Hills State University, Spearfish City Campground, and even Spearfish Canyon. For the full map, click here.


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