The Rainbow Trois

by Jackie Robles | April 30, 2020

The Rainbow Trois Beer

Ask any Spearfish local and they will tell you the go-to craft beer of choice in this community is an IPA. So, when creating a collaboration beer, an IPA was a no brainer. The Rainbow Trois Beer is a hazy IPA with tropical fruit notes.

Feeding fish at the Fish Hatchery

Crisp. Fruity. Hazy. This uniquely hoppy pale ale is a great choice for entering the summer season.

—   Colter F.

The Rainbow Trois was created as a fundraising effort for the 64-acre piece of land that the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery purchased to further expand the grounds. Jeff Drumm, the head brewer at Crow Peak, initiated the collaboration between the three breweries in Spearfish -- Crow Peak Brewing Co., Spearfish Brewing Co., and Sawyer Brewing Co. The hazy IPA can be found at all three of the breweries, but how do you pronounce the name to order it? Rainbow is pretty self-explanatory, but Trois is French, and is pronounced [trwah].

The 3 Breweries

Behind the name

Because the beer was made specifically for the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery, when it came to name it, the idea of Rainbow Trout came to mind. However, the breweries wanted to incorporate each other in the name and then trois, the French word for three and the strand of yeast used to make the beer was brought up. Thus, the name, Rainbow Trois was born. It represents the fish hatchery and the craft beer community. Go ahead, enjoy a tasty beer while also supporting the growth of the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery and the home of Rainbow Trout.


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