Yoga in Spearfish

by Jess Eixenberger | July 16, 2020
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Breathe in. Breathe out.  The fresh aromas of pine and wildflowers fill the lungs as you fix your gaze at one of three stunning hills framing Spearfish. The melodic sound of birds singing and Spearfish creek rushing dissolves stress, and the lush grass is ready for you to kick off your shoes, and begin your practice. Yoga is universal; you can practice it anywhere, anytime. However-a sweet backdrop helps, doesn’t it? In Spearfish, you have the opportunity to find any plot of grass, and find solitude to basically practice anywhere, but here are my top three places that are absolute gold.

Hot Room Yoga at Creekside Bean and Vine

#1: Creekside Bean and Vine:

Wine Down Wednesday. This weekly event takes place on the patio of Creekside Bean and Vine, and comes with the most breathtaking view for a guided yoga class. Offering a variety of teachers, styles, and levels, you can enjoy an energetic yoga flow, while meeting new people, sip on delicious wine or coffee, and stare out into a serene walking path while Spearfish Creek bubbles underneath.

Park Yoga

#2: Salem Park:

Group fitness not your jam? Grab your yoga mat, and pick a soft spot in the shade!  Salem Park isn’t wildly busy, so you can enjoy a little more peace and quiet for your practice, which makes it my number 1 location for outdoor meditation or a gentle flow. Spearfish Creek rushes by; the trees create a soft whisper in the summer breeze and provide abundant shade on a hot day. Any plot of grass is perfect for sitting, flowing--reconnecting.

Yoga at Spearfish City Park

#3: City Park:

Parents! This is your place. This park is often times crowded, but large enough to still create your own space while being able to keep a watchful eye on children at the playground. There’s plenty of tree coverage, plush green grass (yoga mat, optional?) and yes, Spearfish Creek still makes a powerful presence at this location. After your practice, the D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery is a short walk from the park, where children can feed fish, explore the Yellowstone Boat, Railcar, Museum, and the Booth House--making this an easy top location for family yogis!

Maybe you find a random patch of grass during a hike, a walk on the bike path, or stumble your way into a yoga studio while visiting (I hear The Hot Room is fantastic!) Wherever you end up, you’ve found the right spot. Breathe in, Breathe out…and enjoy your stay in our beautiful town.

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