The Spearfish Pledge

Spearfish is known as one of America’s best kept secrets but, once our secret is out, it is important to take care of our community to continue keeping it clean and approachable for others to visit. How will Spearfish look the next time I come back? That is for you to decide. Take the Spearfish Pledge today!

  1. I promise to mindfully explore and prepare for what Spearfish has in store.
  2. I will follow trails into the unknown, and stick to the path that is shown.
  3. I will be prepared for all weathers, all possibilities, and all ventures.
  4. I will be aware that wildlife’s been there long before, so where I set up camp will not be ignored.
  5. I will be considerate that Spearfish is home to many, so when documenting moments, I will be wary.
  6. I will take pictures that won’t mess with destiny by first taking my safety seriously.
  7. I will remember my trip with a souvenir, by visiting the local shops of good “Ol’ Spear”
  8. I promise to follow the roads and sightsee while doing my part to keep them plastic-free.

Spearfish Pledge

Take the Spearfish pledge to be a mindful adventurer and download a digital badge to share the message.


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