Big Hill Trails

Outdoor Adventure Nature & Recreation

Difficulty: Easy to Difficult

Length: Varies | 13.6 total miles

Elevation: 5,000 to 5,480 feet.

Directions: From Spearfish, take FSR 134 south approximately eight miles to the trailhead. 

Big Hill was named when the early prospectors, heading to gold fields with wagons and teams of horses, could barely make it over the “Big Hill” when coming from Spearfish. 

Loops A, A-1, and B primarily meander through mixed stands of quaking aspen, paper birch, and ponderosa pine. Loops C and D cross extensive stands of ponderosa pine with small patches of quaking aspen and paper birch. Spur D-1 accesses a scenic overlook of Spearfish Canyon and Spearfish Mountain. Trails are marked with blue diamonds. 

During the winter season, trails A1, A, D, and C are groomed for cross-country skiing in cooperation with the Black Hills Nordic Ski Club.

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