Downtown Clock Tower

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As you start the Historic Walking Tour, you will come upon the Bank of Spearfish which is now the visitor information center. In front of the visitor center is the clock tower. On top of the clock tower is the infamous Termesphere. Dick Termes actually hand painted this globe in his perspective of what Spearfish really is. The public is able to view this landmark at any time of the day. 


The Seal

Spearfish is the only town of its name in the nation. Famous for the history and seal, many visitors will stop for photo opportunities.

"Our Home" Termeshpere

Dick Termes hand painted a combined Spearfish prospective to represent what the town is made of. It is an invitation to keep this city hidden in the Black Hills your home away from home.

What is "Our Home"

This plaque tells the public what Dick Termes was envisioning and why. It became part of Spearfish in 2017 and has been a downtown landmark ever since!

The Gear System

Pangea Designs created a gear system turning this piece into an interactive work of art.

The gear system allows visitors to turn the wheel and watch the globe turn. It is also a great background for photo opportunities. Next time you walk past it, turn the wheel!

How the Gear System Works


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