Spearfish Canyon Fall Foliage

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Current Leaf Saturation Report:

Local resident, Jerry Boyer has provided the Spearfish community for several years with a saturation report, tracking the progression of the fall colors:

Canyon colors near 85% with the full rhapsody of fall colors emerging in a spectacular vivid display, especially the reds of the Sumac, Nannyberry, Wild Grape, and Ivy. Beware of the luring bright red ivy leafs near the ground...do not pick as they are poison ivy :-(
If the winds don't blow, peak looks good for Wednesday, September 27. The days are growing shorter and the trees have sensed the increased darkness by dropping their leaves in preparation for the frigid winter landscape ahead.
Today marks the first day of Fall, the autumn equinox (meaning equal nights), where the day is equally divided between light and dark. Typically in our area, the longest day of the year is 15 hours of sunlight in June, and shortest 9 hours in January....a 6-hour difference. 
Please drive carefully to protect hikers, bikers, "slow-moving vehicles", and the little critters who are scurrying back and forth across the roadway filling their nests for the long winter ahead.
Next report Tuesday. 

Jerry Boyer,
author Canyon Echoes

When the colors change, the adventure and beauty heightens in Spearfish. Every September and early October, visitors from around the world come to experience the fall splendor of Spearfish Canyon. High limestone cliffs, waterfalls, towering spruces, Ponderosa pines, aspens, birches, burdocks, and box elders perfectly frame this creek carved gorge making Spearfish a truly awe-inspiring place during the autumn months.

While weather in Spearfish and the northern Black Hills is sometimes hard to predict, the color peak typically occurs during the last week of September or the first week of October.

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