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by Kory Otterberg | January 4, 2018
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                Where ever you go on vacation, food might not be the priority, but it is a necessity and in Spearfish, with its 40 plus restaurants, food is not in short supply. From Italian to Chinese, continental to Mexican. Great food is just a stones throw away. But before we get into every restaurant in Spearfish, where should we start first, breakfast.

Coffee Houses in Spearfish
Coffee Houses in Spearfish

                 Breakfast, known as the most important meal of the day, can come in many forms. Whether a full breakfast or just something on the go, we have you covered. If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast to really get your day started off on the right foot, try Perkins Family Restaurant or Millstone Family Restaurant. Both of these establishments offer eggs, bacon, and sausage galore! Whether it’s a skillet or pancakes piled high, these restaurants will get you through the day. Now, maybe you were driving cross country the day before, pulled into town late and wanted to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning and don’t have time to sit down for a full breakfast because you want to see what Spearfish has to offer. Spearfish’s countless coffee shops have you covered. Starbucks and City Brew add that familiar taste. Or you can try some of our local shops like Common Grounds, Blackbird Espresso, The Green Bean and more. Regardless of what you choose, each one of these shops will offer a friendly smile and delicious pastries to start your day started.

Amazing Steaks are Available in Spearfish
Amazing Steaks are Available in Spearfish

                Next, we will look at our lunch options and where to even begin. How about with the Stadium Sports Grill & Bar. Located in the heart of Spearfish, the Stadium, offers a selection of beers, burgers, wings and wraps. Basically, anything that would satisfy your craving on game day. Burgers not for you? How about some burritos? Barbacoa’s and Qdoba make some of the best burritos you could ever want. Spearfish also has an option of Chinese food with the Jade Palace, Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant and Famous WokBunky’s BBQ gives you chance to enjoy delicious food while being located next to the Crow Peak Brewing, Co. and a wonderful view of Crow Peak. Now if you’ve spent the morning hiking, or rock climbing in Spearfish Canyon and don’t want to drive into town to eat, try the Latchstring Inn Restaurant in Savoy or the Stage Stop Café in Cheyenne Crossing. Every restaurant in the section has lighter options or full meal options depending on how hungry you are but regardless, you will walk away asking if you can have some more!

Stone Oven Pizza
Stone Oven Pizza

                So, you’ve had your breakfast, you’ve had your lunch, you’ve spent the day experiencing everything that Spearfish has to offer, now its time for dinner. Killian’s Food and Drink offers a great option of craft food and craft beer. Killian’s brings friendly service and great food to the next level. Located near Killian’s is Dough Trader Pizza. Offering stone oven originals and traditional pizza, Dough Trader is something you might not want to miss. Next, we have probably the most creative name in the restaurant business, Steerfish Steak and Smoke. Head to Steerfish if you’re looking for a good steak and other smoked food, you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for more of a burger joint with a good sized bar? Look no further than Lucky’s 13 Pub. Offering a bar side and a restaurant side you can choose the atmosphere you want. Guadalajara’s offer amazing authentic Mexican cuisine that will give you a full experience of being south of the border. Finally, we stop at Roma’s Ristorante, with an amazing list of food and a wine list to match, Roma’s is perfect for a romantic dinner with a phenomenal view of Crow Peak.

Leones' Ice Cream
Leones' Ice Cream

                When you finish with your meal, maybe you want a little dessert, and every restaurant has it’s own dessert list, but you may want to check out Leones’ Creamery. This creamery offers traditional vanilla bean ice cream but also likes to get creative. Infusing items like goat cheese to the mix or even some of the local Crow Peak craft beers, Leones’ Creamery will not disappoint.

                I’ve run you through some of the options that are available to you in Spearfish but that doesn’t complete the list of what we have to offer. You can find that list in our Food & Drink section. But if you get to Spearfish and can’t decide which to try first, ask a local! In Spearfish we pride ourselves on the great food in town and would love to answer your questions on where you should go.

                So what are you waiting for, come enjoy Spearfish’s culinary treasures!

                P.S. Yes, writing this blog has made me extremely hungry. 

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