Happy 605 Day!

by Kyler Flock | June 2, 2022
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Did you know that South Dakota is only one of 12 states to have a single area code represent the entire state? The three digits, 605, have become iconic for the state of South Dakota, and the popularity of using this number for marketing or fun lingo has only grown over the years. Now this symbolic number has morphed into a holiday for us South Dakota residents every year on June 5th (6/05), giving us our own day to celebrate and remember why we all love the 605 lifestyle.

These are some of the favorite ways locals like to embrace their 605 pride.

How will you celebrate?

Roughlock Falls, SD

Enjoy the canyon. Spearfish Canyon is as iconic to Spearfish as the number 605 is to this state. Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Black Hills, the Spearfish Scenic Byway is home to three different waterfall systems, dozens of gorgeous hiking trails that range from novice to advanced, and even lush wildlife like the symbolic mountain goats that meander through the streams and trees. The canyon is a must-see if find yourself in the Northern Black Hills.  

Having the gorgeous Spearfish Canyon in our backyard often to leads to more fun like organized running and bike races through the canyon. Many signature Spearfish events take place in Spearfish Canyon such as the Dakota 5-0 bike race, the Leading Ladies /Dakota Spirit Marathon, and one coming up just after 605 Day in the Pine Island Gravel Odyssey.

Blackbird Espresso, Spearfish, SD.

Coffee shops and breweries. Here in the land of the 605 one thing you will find is we like our brews. Whether that brew comes in the form of a cup of coffee at one of our 12 coffee shops or a pint of craft beer at one of our three breweries, Spearfish is a great town to choose your brew.  

Iron Creek Lake, Spearfish, SD.

Iron Creek Lake- 605 Day will always fall on June 5th, and with that, 605 Day has now become the best unofficial kickoff to the summer. A significant piece to any great 605 summers is getting out on the water. A favorite swimming spot for locals and visitors alike is Iron Creek Lake. Iron Creek Lake is located in an untouched area of the pristine Black Hills west of the scenic Spearfish Canyon. A trip to the lake is just a 20-minute drive from Spearfish on a well-maintained gravel road. And thanks to the Iron Creek Lake store, lake lovers can rent kayaks, canoes, and other supplies.

Spearfish Sasquatch Baseball, Spearfish, SD.

Baseball- What better way to soak up the sun and enjoy a nice 605 summer than catching a local baseball game. Spearfish is home to the Spearfish Sasquatch, a team associated with the newly formed Independence League- A summer collegiate baseball league based and centered around the Great Plains region. The Sasquatch plays nearly 30 home games from May through July with special theme nights scheduled throughout including 4 firework nights. 

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