Fishing in the Northern Hills

by Visit Spearfish | August 24, 2017
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One of the most popular outdoor activities in America is fishing, and South Dakota offers some of the best year-round fishing opportunities in the country. From casting your line into the mighty Missouri or flicking your fly rod in the streams of the Black Hills, there’s something for every type of angler.

Fishing in the Spearfish Area

While South Dakota offers excellent fishing opportunities throughout, the northern Black Hills offers some of the best fishing experiences, with the two of the largest streams in the region.

Spearfish Creek is the second largest stream in the Black Hills and supplies some of the most diverse and best fishing in the Hills. In the town of Spearfish, anglers can fish a quality wild brown trout population. In Spearfish Canyon, near the confluence with Squaw Creek, anglers can fish for wild rainbow trout and brown trout. Upstream from Cheyenne Crossing in the limestone cliffs, anglers will find numerous brook trout streams such as Little Spearfish and Hanna Creeks. The majority of the tributaries to Spearfish Creek are wild brook trout fisheries. Iron Creek Lake, west of Spearfish Canyon, has yellow perch as well as rainbow trout.

Crow Creek is the largest stream in the Black Hills with a single spring as its primary water source. As it flows north and crosses Interstate-90, it gains considerable water. Wild brown trout are found here.

Licenses, Permits, and Regulations

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks has regulations on fishing licensing, tackle, methods, and limits.
Click here to view tools and resources from SDGFP .

Nearby Fishing License Purchase Locations:

  • Minitman
  • Minitman Too
  • Spearfish Creek Fly Shop
  • Wal-Mart
  • Spearfish Canyon Lodge
  • Iron Creek Lake Store

For more information on fishing in South Dakota and the Black Hills, please check out these resources: South Dakota Fishing Handbook | Black Hills Fishing Guide

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