Spearfish Coffee Crawl

by Kyler Flock | October 19, 2022
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Spearfish’s coffee culture is second to none. For a community of only 12,000 people, Spearfish is home to a staggering 10 different coffee shops that each separate themselves from the pack with unique drink options and food pairings.

Use this guide to take the ultimate Spearfish Coffee Crawl and see for yourself the variety and options that each java lover can find in Spearfish.

Common Grounds

What better way to start this coffee crawl than starting at the first coffee shop in Spearfish with Common Grounds? Common Grounds origins date back to 1994 when they opened their doors for the first time. Since then, they have been a staple of the community offering a large indoor/outdoor sitting area that has become grounds (no pun intended) for meetings, birthday parties, and the occasional poetry reading. A few of their signature drinks include their flavor of the day house brew that rotates daily like the Highlander Grog, a Friday classic, or maybe you’re in the mood for something fancier like the Butter Rum Latte with caramel drizzle and whipped cream. This is many visitor's first stop before heading down the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway for their next adventure. 

Common Grounds, Spearfish, SD

Green Bean

Perched comfortably on top of Main Street, right before Colorado Boulevard, you will find a quaint cabin with a beautiful deck and lush greenery. Inside this cabin is Green Bean Coffeehouse which offers gourmet coffees, blended drinks, and teas, as well as an all-day food menu with baked goods, sandwiches & wraps, and so much more. The hustle and bustle of Green Bean fuels so many visitors and community members alike, and it's where many adventures begin with its proximity to the entrance of Bridal Veil Falls. Come in to try specialty drinks like their Fall Chai or grab a signature panini before your next outing.

Blackbird Espresso 

Blackbird Espresso has always represented the contemporary coffee scene exceptionally. This quiet, quaint coffee shop emphasizes the beans they roast and the meticulous process to create their signature drinks like their classic pour-over. Owner Aaron Neiman put it best when he stated, “The idea behind this… started as a creative outlet for introducing another side of the world of coffee- more of a purist approach- stripped down, simplified coffee world”. After opening the business back in 2014, the vibes are still as strong as ever at Blackbird where you can find a mix of students from Black Hills State University studying for the next big test, friends catching up, or even bicyclists coming in for a cool-down drink after a long ride out at Big Hill

Blackbird Espresso

City Brew

In 2015 Spearfish introduced its second major-chain-based coffee shop with City Brew Coffee. Located on Ryan Road near Lookout Mountain Trailhead, City Brew occupies a gorgeous lobby with a fireplace and perfect views of all three peaks of Spearfish making the ideal meeting place for businesses. But the fun doesn’t stop there, City Brew is also famous for its baked goods like its waffle bites and scones, or signature coffees like its Campfire Mocha, a drink you will not find anywhere else in town.

City Brew waffle bites

Queen City Coffee

Not everyone has time to sit down to enjoy their coffee, that is where Queen City Coffee makes its mark on Spearfish. Located on Jackson Boulevard in a small-scale drive-through kiosk sits Queen City Coffee, and for several years, this kiosk has served up great drive-through style coffee. Aside from drive-through access, Queen City Coffee also offers unique, non-coffee-based drinks like their signature Red Bull Zinger, which is essentially an Italian soda made with everyone’s favorite energy drink. A favorite of students at Black Hills State, Queen City is your spot if you need that quick cup of joe on the go.

Creekside Bean and Vine

In 2019, Creekside Bean and Vine shook up the coffee district by emerging as not only a new artisan coffee spot, but also with the addition of wine! Located in the Granery district on Yukon Place, Creekside Bean and Vine offers some of the best creekside dining and drinking in all of Spearfish with a patio right on Spearfish Creek. With flexible hours many coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix late at night which makes this ideal for the college students. Some of the drink favorites offered up are Pumpkin Spice Tumeric Latte or a quick jolt of energy from a nice Cortado. Creekside Bean and Vine also offers a wide-range of wines for the wine enthusiasts out there, as well as a full menu of food, like their daily rotation of soups. 

Creekside Bean and Vine, Spearfish, SD

Ruby's Roost

Ruby’s Roost is the ideal coffee and breakfast pastry spot with a unique Scandinavian flair that fits oh so well with the entire Downtown Spearfish vibe. Beginning its journey in 2021, Ruby’s Roost has emerged as one of the favorite coffee spots for locals and visitors alike. The attention to detail is hard to miss when you step foot in the coffee shop; owner and baker, Linnea Boyd, uses family traditions and Swedish descent to make all of their baked goods from local sources and always baked from scratch like their special caramel rolls. As for the name, Ruby's Roost comes from inspiration from a backyard hen at the Boyd residence accurately named Ruby.

Ruby's Roost

The Cup- All Happiness 

The Cup- All Happiness is technically not a coffee-shop, however, after opening their doors in the summer of 2022 they made a huge splash in the community as the first venue to offer bubble (or boba) tea. Bubble or Boba tea is a tea-based drink that originated in Taiwan during the late 1980s and consists of tea that is paired with small, chewy tapioca balls and has become the stable at the Cup. Despite primarily focusing on various teas and boba teas, The Cup has introduced a completely new type of coffee drink that has quite literally changed the game. One of the specialties offered is Vietnamese Egg Drip coffee- a coffee prepared with egg yolks, condensed milk, sugar, and coffee with the egg yolk hand-whipped giving the coffee a nice foamy head.

The Cup- All Happiness

Convenient Coffee- Starbucks and Caribou Coffee

If you are really needing that coffee on the go, or if you are someone who just loves the big brand name places, Spearfish still has you covered. Both Starbucks and Caribou Coffee can be located in Spearfish in two very convenient spots.

Starbucks is conveniently located within the Safeway grocery store with a nice loby space and seating area.

Caribou Coffee is located on the campus of Black Hills State University and is a partnership with Einstein Bagels. 

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