Hammock Hangout

by Austin Walker | July 15, 2017
Nature & Recreation

Put yourself in this type of scenario: it’ a Friday, you just got off work, you got a bite to eat, it’s a beautiful day out, and you can’t think of anything better to do other than  just relax. You then ask yourself, “What’s the perfect way to relax after a long work week?” Then all of a sudden an imaginary light bulb flashes over your head. Your inner conscience says, “Why, the only perfect thing you can do in this situation is to just hammock!” But hold your horses there for a second. Before you head off into the woods, here are five ways to fit your needs.

Leisure Reading

When it comes to hammocking you’re just going to be by yourself for the most part. If you’re looking for something to do, besides just enjoying nature by itself, then you'll want something to pass the time. Be careful with what you pick because you will not have a whole lot of options as you have to stay put in your hammock, and there's no other perfect way to pass the time than to just sit back, relax, and read an enjoyable novel. Not only are you in a peaceful state of mind, but you’re able to catch up on a good read as well.

The Sound of Music

When hammocking in areas where it can be sometimes noisy, take a city park for instance. Sometimes you just want to block out as much background noise as possible. This scenario is easy to fix as one, two, three; just bring some source of music. You may bring some headphones for total noise block-out or just a portable speaker to include partial background noise. Just make sure to be respectful by not disturbing anyone nearby you.

Picture Perfect

As you’re enjoying your wonderful outing while hammocking you might tend to become aware of the beauty around you. Maybe you might even want to capture the moment. Either you want it for just the sake of memories or to be able to share to the world about the perfect little spot you found to set up your nest. So always be sure to bring some type of device to snap a few pictures, whether it be your phone or any other type of portable camera.

Trees, trees, and more trees

Now in order to have a successful and memory-worthy hammock adventure you have to find the right spot. It’s like what the realtor always says, “location, location, location.” When searching for that one “perfect spot” you need to be in an area with a numerous amount of trees. When you find that area, next you have to find a spot where the trees are just the right distance from each other. Reason being is you don’t want a spot to where your hammock will sag so low to the ground you cant even lay in it; however you don’t want a spot to where the trees are so far apart you can’t even set up your hammock. So keep that in mind when you’re finding the “one” spot.

Gosh Darn Peace and Quiet

Going off of what I said earlier, wanting to listen to music while hammocking is enjoyable and all, but sometimes you just have to set technology to the side and let nature take its course. Just take a deep breath, relax, lean back, close the eyes and hear the birds chirp as they fly throughout the blue sky. Listen, as the gentle breeze brushes the pine branches along one another. Lastly, captivate all of what nature has to offer and lean back into a restful snooze.

Hopefully these five tips help you when it comes to your next hammock outing. Now get out there, set up your little nest, and just let time go by as you relax and look at the ocean blue sky. 

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