Treasure Hunting in the Hills: Thrifting in Spearfish

by Kyler Flock | November 3, 2023
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Thrift Shopping has gone through its own renaissance over the past decade with a sudden resurgence in the concept of “one person's trash is another person’s treasure”. Maybe it was the not-forgotten hit by Macklemore that spurred popularity back into thrifting, or maybe it is because thrifting allows people to shop in a different era. The thrill of treasure-hunting for the latest vintage outfit, an antique commodity forgotten in time, or maybe just useful goods for a discount price. Whatever it may be, thrifting is a shopper's adventure. Although Spearfish attracts thousands of adventurers every year for outdoor beauty, thrift shoppers will be able to find their very own shopping adventure scattered across town.

Where to Shop?

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift- An easy place to start your thrifting day would be St. Vincent De Paul’s in Spearfish. This thrift store is exactly what you would expect to find in a thrift store, everything! St. Vincents does not limit itself to just clothes but has just about any thrifting item you might be on the lookout for. With fun specials like ‘Furniture Fridays’, ‘Women's clothes Wednesdays’, or even just ‘Deals of the Day’, you can quite literally find something new every time you walk in the doors at St. Vincents.

Salvation Army- Arguably the most recognizable thrift store in the country is the Salvation Army. This global non-profit organization has covered the world with its second-hand stores with nearly 8,000 in count in the US alone. In Spearfish, not only will you find the Salvation Army stacked with clothes, furniture, and goods, but you also see a facility that gives back to its community again and again

Key Antiques- 'Hidden gem' is a term that often gets used when referring to thrift shopping, and that could not be more accurate when describing Key Antiques in Spearfish. From the outside, the Key Antiques shop looks, to put it simply, a home. Located on 344 North 5th Street, shoppers will find what looks like a home, but once you step foot inside you are transported to a place of all generations with thrifting and antique items that are from dozens of decades. This store falls more into the antique realm instead of a traditional thrift store but much like the other thrift shops, new items arrive almost daily.

Artifacts Antiques and Art- Words cannot describe just how eclectic the scene is at Artifacts, Antiques and Art with gifts and items that span over countless decades. What separates this antique shop from the rest is its dedication to the arts in particular. Not just art supplies, but vintage comic books, toys, books, maps, and even artwork from fellow locals who also have a love for the shop. For any art lovers and appreciators out there, the Artifacts, Antiques and Art is a must stop in lovely Historic Downtown Spearfish.

Treasures Thrift Store- Treasures is another traditional thrift store that is located just off downtown Spearfish on 5th Street that offers an extremely wide range of items and clothing. Treasures helps employ and support adults with disabilities and was created by one of Spearfish's true gems in the Northern Hills Training Center. Treasures has been a part of this community for many years and has helped cement the downtown into a thrifters paradise.

Changing Spaces- Another term to add to your thrifting vocabulary is the term ‘consignment shop’. A consignment shop is a store that sells secondhand items on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price. Changing Spaces, on the corner of 3rd and Jackson St., in Spearfish is exactly that. The major difference in consignment vs thrifting is that thrift stores are typically charitable organizations that run the store (think St. Vincent De Paul) and a consignment shop is typically for-profit. Changing Spaces separates itself from the pack by also having a healthy array of pet items in its shop for all the pet lovers out there.

Sweet Repeat- Sweet Repeat is a fun consignment shop located on North Main Street that has a primary focus in women’s clothing. This consignment shop has been a part of the Spearfish downtown shopping scene for a decade and continues to bring in a variety of fashion items and especially for those shoppers with a keen eye for brands as Sweet Repeat is known for its deals on designer brands!

Reruns for Small Ones- Reruns for Small Ones is a consignment shop that specializes in lightly used clothing and gifts for infants. This shop located in Historic Downtown Spearfish provides a perfect option for any new families or a great option for families who no longer have the need for any infant clothing. The Spearfish thrift shopping scene is unique in that each store or consignment shop specializes in one particular area, making the shopper's experience much easier to navigate around

Helpful Shopping Tips 

1. Check often- The most essential rule when discussing thrift shopping is you have to check often. Every store listed here gets new inventory daily, and sometimes even hourly, so making frequent trips and spending the needed time to sort thoroughly is crucial. 

2. Inspect Carefully- The staff at each and every one of these stores does an amazing job on inspection before accepting items into their stores, but it is worth noting that inspection is still vital before making your purchase. Whether it is a broken zipper or button, or a missing piece to an arrangement, not every item will be in perfect condition. But hey, that is part of the fun.

3. Be Open-Minded- The final rule is possibly the most paramount, go into every one of these stores with an open mind and do not get set on finding one thing. 

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