Meet the Staff: Thanksgiving with Visit Spearfish

by Kyler Flock | November 22, 2022
Family Friendly Entertainment

The traditions of Thanksgiving have always been about family, gratitude, and food. This special holiday gives us all an excuse to stop the busy hustle and bustle of our normal lives to gather with family and loved ones and share a special meal together. While the history of Thanksgiving may not always be as clear, one thing that remains evident is the food. Often it is that hefty turkey at the center of the table that draws the attention of the family, but as the years go on more and more families are scrapping the traditional menus for their unique twists and takes on this classic holiday. 

This Thanksgiving, the team at Visit Spearfish wants to share with you what dishes have become a staple at the dinner table. From our table to yours, here is what the Visit Spearfish staff will be dinging on this Thanksgiving.

Mistie Caldwell- Executive Director

In the Caldwell house, food and drink have always been paired with the concept of art and design in such prolific ways. Executive Director Mistie Caldwell always knew that she had a passion for graphic design and had early aspirations of being an artist, so once she found that connection through her baking and the kitchen, the creations came alive. Her signature treats, known well throughout Spearfish, are her sugar cookies. Sugar cookies have become Mistie's canvas in which she can morph the dough and frosting to any shape or color she desires so, come Thanksgiving, the cookies are represented through leaves, acorns, and fall foliage. Another fun treat to add to the holiday fun are her chocolate strawberry turkeys. These adorable little turkeys consist of chocolate-covered strawberries with two pretzal sticks, and some miniature marshmallows to form the silhouette of a roasted turkey. 

Kyler Flock- Director of Marketing and Public Relations 

Kyler Flock's family has never been one for tradition. In a family, where creativity and thinking outside-of-the-box are the biggest points of emphasis, Kyler's family has a tradition where each family gets to pick their own unique dish to add to the spread. Often this challenge is accepted as competition in the Flock household resulting in some pretty unique menus. Some of Kyler's favorite unconventional dishes featured throughout the years are garlic butter shrimp or frog-eyed salad- pineapple, whipped cream, tasty marshmallows, and the frog eyes, acini de pepe pasta. 

Keegan Baatz- Office and Visitor Information Coordinator and Photographer

One of Keegan Baatz favorite things about Thanksgiving is that it is the perfect opportunity to get together with his family - something that they do not experience as frequently due to geography. For the Baatz family, Thanksgiving is essentially a party with card playing, socializing, and maybe even a grasshopper cocktail or two. Two of Keegan's favorite dishes for Thanksgiving are the savory cheddar broccoli soup and the sweet caramel corn. 

Jackie Robles- Social Media Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer

For Jackie Robles, Thanksgiving is a time when she can unplug and really spend time with family and loved ones. A time in which she and her family can laugh, find joy in each other's company, and of course, look forward to a midday nap after all the delicious food! The Robles household's mouthwatering menu consists of yet more contemporary options like tamales, or the special Robles mac & cheese. And for the entree, they enjoy a nice pork roast. 

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