A Beer Lover’s Guide to Spearfish

by Jackie Robles | July 27, 2020
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Call it rewarding. Call it refreshing. Call it what you want; nothing washes down a day of Black Hills exploring like that first sip, except maybe the second. When it comes to outdoor adventures and top-notch craft brews, Spearfish has plenty for any taste!

Adventure #1

Adventure number one begins by hunting waterfalls in the Spearfish Canyon. There are three sublime waterfalls along the scenic byway: Bridal Veil Falls, Roughlock Falls and Spearfish Falls. Each one is impressive for their own reasons. When entering the scenic route on the north end, you will first come across Bridal Veil Falls, the easiest of them to find. About six miles in, you will see a pull off to the right where viewers can park their cars, cross the street, and enjoy the view. As you continue further into the Canyon, you will hit Savoy about 13 miles in and will want to park by the Latchstring Restaurant. Behind the restaurant appears a trail that will take you to Spearfish Falls, the most powerful of waterfalls. The trail sits 80 feet above the Canyon floor and as you hike down the trail you will be sure to see some local flora along the way! And last but, you know the saying, certainly not least is Roughlock Falls. Sitting about 14 miles from the north entrance of the Spearfish Canyon you will see the most sprawling waterfall in the area. There are parking lots available to drive up to. There is also the option to take the mile hike to the waterfall and that trailhead begins near the Spearfish Canyon Lodge parking lot.

For more information on each one of these waterfalls view the following links.

The Brew

Driving back up the canyon, follow Colorado Boulevard back to Downtown Spearfish and visit Spearfish Brewing Co. If you like an American Wild Ale, you NEED to try the zany Bobcat Logic. This savory sour is a 2019 North American Brewers Association Gold Medal Winner. In addition to this famously renowned beer, Spearfish Brewing Co. is known for their lagers and they have a great selection of ale styles!

Spearfish Brewing Co. Craft Beer

Adventure #2

Your next adventure begins at Eagle Cliff Trails. There are infinite ways to explore this trail as it holds 21 intertwining loop and dead-end trails. The opportunity to combine trails and create a unique experience is only one of the many highlights of this system. For that reason, you could say this trail system is a lot like Spearfish itself. The Eagle Cliff Trails were developed by local skiing enthusiasts in the mid 1980’s. This trails system became popular among other recreational enthusiasts because of the opportunity to create your own adventure. The trails range from short, rugged and remote to longer, looping trails with a range of difficulty. We don’t know how many route combinations you’ll cover, but we do know you’ll have an exhilarating time doing it.

Eagle Cliff Trails

The Brew

Chase the Eagle Cliff Trails system with the 11th hour IPA at Crow Peak Brewing Co. If hop flavor is the window dressing, a malty base is the foundation of this local favorite. The 11th Hour is equal parts grassy and piney, a fitting flavor juxtaposition given where it’s brewed. While enjoying some great beer, you can be sure to enjoy a great view. Crow Peak Brewing Company is located in north Spearfish offering indoor and outdoor seating. Being the first brewery to come to Spearfish, you can expect the ultimate local experience.

Crow Peak Brewing Co. Craft Beer

Adventure #3

To bring it full circle, head back into the Spearfish Canyon to Savoy and there you will find the third adventure. Near the Spearfish Canyon Lodge and the Roughlock Falls Trail the trailhead to the 76 Trail. This out-and-back trail climbs 1,000 feet in just three-quarters of a mile. It also leads to 10/10 panoramic views of Spearfish Canyon at the finish point, Buzzard’s Roost Overlook. This trail is for hikers only as it is a steep uphill climb. While taking on this hike, be on the lookout for native flora, they are beautifully scattered around the forest.

76 Rail

The Brew

So, what brew pairs best with the 76 trail?  Impeach me blonde Ale is the beer for you. You can get this peachy, dry-hopped ale at Sawyer Brewing Company. The name “Sawyer” comes from the generation of loggers that also run the brewery. Sawyer Brewing Company is on the north end of Spearfish and sits right along the Spearfish Creek for a beautiful view of the sunset to round-out the day. They serve great pizza, an amazing atmosphere and a portion of the proceeds that Sawyer makes goes to the Black Hills Human Society!

Sawyer Brewing Co. Craft Beer

Drink in natural fun in Spearfish, where unreal scenery meets undeniable flavors. Grab your travel buds and prepare your taste buds for your own unique Spearfish Adventure!

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