Winter Waterfalls

by Jackie Robles | February 3, 2020
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Winters in Spearfish, SD showcase a different kind of beauty, with unique ice formations, frosted trees that surround the area and the calming creek that flows by.

I have seen these beautiful waterfalls in the summer and watched as the water rushed out of them, but to see them in the winter has created a whole new winter bliss that must be experienced.

Bridal Veil Falls

The first stop begins with Bridal Veil falls. It is the most accessible waterfall in the Spearfish Canyon. It sits on the left after 5.8 miles of the north entrance on Highway 14A. Upon arriving to the parking lot that sits in front of Bridal Veil Falls, I admired the 60-foot ice patterns that formed small windows allowing water to flow through. Throughout the winter season, be on the lookout at Bridal Veil Falls to see if there are any ice climbers scaling this beautiful waterfall.

Spearfish Falls

Spearfish Falls comes next on my excursion. The day of the hike was beautiful, and the trail was easy to walk on. Make sure to use the railings on the side of the trail around the icy areas. I knew I was getting closer when I crossed the bridge over the Spearfish Creek. The bridge and the creek make a beautiful area for alluring photography or just a peaceful place to reflect. Continuing on the hike, I was met by a curtain of stunning trees and nature. Strolling through, there was the running water, Spearfish Falls. The mixture of running water and ice was positioned so artistically and as the water ran into the Spearfish Creek, the stream led me to clearly see the trout that inhabit it.

Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls rounds out the Spearfish Canyon Waterfall tour. Parking at the Spearfish Canyon Lodge, I began to hike. The hike is two miles round trip but, absolutely worth it! Throughout the trek, there is a pond where I stopped to admire the ducks enjoying themselves. There is a bridge where anyone can stop, watch the animals or take advantage of the beautiful photo opportunities. Upon arriving to the waterfall, I was welcomed with a lush greenery, hard to find during the winter season, that accented the waterfall. Roughlock Falls was not frozen but, the snow around it made it just as beautiful. There are many viewing points when going on this hike. You can admire it from the bottom and watch the water rush into the creek. Or you can watch it all from above when going to the top of the waterfall. One of the unique things about Roughlock Falls during the winter is that you can snowmobile to the falls and afterwards enjoy the snowmobile trails around the area!

It’s safe to say that this winter waterfall tour is nothing short of nature’s magic. It is perfect to relax and reflect, enjoy hikes together with friends and take one of a kind pictures that capture the perfect moments. Winter waterfall hikes are must in Spearfish, you won’t regret getting out and exploring!

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