Chinook Days

Family Friendly Outdoor Adventure Nature & Recreation
Where: Spearfish, SD
When: Friday, January 12 2024 - Saturday, January 20 2024 | All Day

Mountain Sports. Craft Beer. Local Food. Music. Arts & More!

Chinook Days is the celebration of the Spearfish world record of the fastest/greatest temperature change on January 22, 1943 caused by a Chinook Wind. 

During the week-long event, there will be a winter celebrations that consist of a winter festival, mountain sports, craft beer, local food, music and arts.

List of the Events:

-Jan. 12: Jamuary Concert at Matthews Opera House

-Jan. 13: Winter Carnival at Big Hill

-Jan. 14: Winter Luau at Killian's 

-Jan. 15: Chinook Pub Crawl at Killian's

-Jan 18: Back Country Feast Festival & Soup Feed at Matthews Opera House

-Jan 19: Frosty Creations: Snow Sculptures at Visit Spearfish

-Jan 19: Jamuary Concert at Matthews Opera House

-Jan 20: Chinookfest Beerfest & Community Bonefire

-Jan 20: Iron Creek Classic Pond Hockey Tournament

Chinook Days 2020

Artwork by Mike Knutson


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