‘Farmer of the Year’ Award-winning Film

Family Friendly Entertainment
When: Friday, February 8 2019 - Thursday, February 14 2019 | All Day

Filmed in South Dakota and Southwest Minnesota, the award-winning feature film starring Barry Corbin(“No Country for Old Men”, “Northern Exposure”, “War Games”) and comes to the Northern Hills Cinema in Spearfish.

When widowed eighty-three-year-old farmer Hap Anderson(Barry Corbin) sells the family farm he finds himself marginalized and adrift. Motivated by the possibility of showing up with an old flame and impressing his old army buddies he sets out to attend his 65th WWII reunion with his unemployed granddaughter in a dilapidated Winnebago. Encountering oddball tourist attractions and eccentric characters, they find themselves in seemingly impossible situations with only each other for support. From finding a place that will cash a Travelers Cheque to enjoying a cup of instant coffee they begin to understand and appreciate each other as individuals while discovering that their issues are ageless.


FRI 2/8 3:30 LUXURY | 6:00 | 9:00
SAT 2/9 1:00 | 3:30 LUXURY | 6:00 | 9:00
SUN 2/10 1:00 | 3:30 | 6:00 LUXURY
MON 2/11 3:30 LUXURY | 6:00
TUE 2/12 3:30 | 6:00 LUXURY
WED 2/13 3:30 LUXURY | 6:00
THU 2/14 3:30 | 6:00

For more information and showtimes please visit https://nhcinema.com/view/farmer-of-the-year


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